The PAT test in more detail

The test is split into 2 parts:

  • First, the “formal visual inspection”
  • And secondly, the “electrical tests”


The Visual Inspection

  • Visual inspection of appliance to determine damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Visual inspection of flex and plug. Replace plug if appropriate
  • Open and inspect plug and check for correct fuse. Check wiring, tighten connections / rewire if necessary

The Electrical tests

  • Carry out the electrical tests as follows:
    • earth continuity (on class 1 equipment)
    • insulation resistance test
    • protective conductor test
    • functional test
  • Label appropriately with pass or fail labels
  • Record results assigning each appliance its own ID number for future reference
  • Notify/bring to attention the duty holder on any of above points if appropriate


Note: For integrated or hard wired appliances it might only be possible to carry out a visual inspection and earth testing (if applicable) 

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